I'm Not Unpopular!!


Roosevelt is everywhere. Roosevelt is a meme.


Fun Fact: I’m not Alibaba

April Fools!! I’m Alibaba

Fun Fact: I’m not Alibaba

notflat replied to your post: notflat replied to your post:everyone….

emmas my girlfriend but still loves u more, albertos a fucking joke and i havent seen vec for 6 years

girlfriend has the word friend in it (and still counts), you can be friends with jokes, and yeah I didn’t know about Vec oh well

what friends

we’re friends, right? and Auntie Emma is your friend too! And maybe Alberto?? or Vec? idk

everyone. go to your friends. find happiness in their happiness. 

to make me happy

I want to make you happy but I’m not going to do that to make you happy

you should learn to make yourself happy and to get happiness from your friends instead of getting happiness from the hurt of others

I mean you don’t have to protect me because I can handle things on my own usually but. sometimes it’s nice you know

no knock yourself out